Government officials face off at Siegel Center

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NOTE: This piece was originally released for publication in February 2016.

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia Commonwealth University’s Siegel Center on Tuesday hosted the eighth annual Capitol Square Classic basketball games, as members of the governor’s office faced off against lobbyists and delegates faced off against senators, all to raise money for the Massey Cancer Center.

Nearly $40,000 was raised through sponsorships and donations. Government officials were joined in the two games by NASCAR’s Elliott Sadler, as well as NBA players Ben Wallace and Chris Copeland. For the first game of the night, lobbyists vs. the governor’s office, Gov. Terry McAuliffe was in attendance and helped coach his team on the sidelines.

The bulk of the audience was made up by the pages of the General Assembly, who are all 13 or 14. They showed their civic pride during the Senate vs. House game with spirited chanting and large signs, supporting one team or the other.

The VCU Peppas were joined by the VCU dance team and Henrico High School’s band in performing during the event. John Fredericks, host of a popular radio talk show on politics and other issues, provided lively commentary throughout the two games.

(Photo by Diana DiGangi)
Sen. Scott Surovell played for the Senate side during the second matchup. (Photo by Diana DiGangi)
NBA player Chris Copeland has a discussion with Gov. McAuliffe, who was coaching the governor’s office team (Photo by Diana DiGangi)
The VCU dance team performed throughout the game, in front of the Peppas. (Photo by Diana DiGangi)
Sen. Bill Stanley encourages cheering from the Senate pages. (Photo by Diana DiGangi)
Senate pages came out in strong support of the senators during their faceoff against the House. The Senate pages wore yellow shirts gifted to them by Sen. Bill Stanley, who encouraged them to show spirit throughout the game. (Photo by Diana DiGangi)
Carol Nixon, Executive Assistant to the Office of Government Relations (Photo by Diana DiGangi)
The VCU dance team performed throughout the game, in front of the Peppas. (Photo by Diana DiGangi)
A Senate page takes a few free throws while waiting for the Senate vs. House game to begin. (Photo by Diana DiGangi)
Speakers for the VCU Massey Cancer Center accept a check totalling nearly $40,000 and thank Virginia representatives for all of their assistance in fundraising (Photo by Diana DiGangi)
The House pages cheer for their team. The House team won their matchup with the senators, 44-42. (Photo by Diana DiGangi)
A ref advises Sen. Chap Petersen before he makes a throw. (Photo by Diana DiGangi)
Sen. Scott Surovell (Photo by Diana DiGangi)
Photo by Diana DiGangi

Gov. McAuliffe poses with the governor’s office team (Photo by Diana DiGangi)

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